Brezhoneg ha Plijadur !

Brezhoneg ha Plijadur !

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Respecting the environment

Wednesday 15 January 2014

A partnership convention for the Redadeg 2014 organisation was signed in November 2013 between Le Likes in Quimper and the Redadeg.
The FCIL (Complementary training for Local Initiatives / Training for Installation Technicians for renewable energy systems), plan to carry out a technical study with a group of students. The study will create a list of specifications and find technical solutions allowing us to reduce the environmental impact from the electronic equipment necessary for the Redadegs’ 3-vehicle convoy.

This study will suggest alternatives for lighting, sound and alternative ways of producing the extra electricty.

Also, thanks to this partnership, no more electrical generator in the van, fuel economies....less polluants for the environment, the runners and the volunteers...we could run further!