17 >> 25 of May 2024 / Pointe du Raz >>> Morlaix

How to take part?

Buy one or more kilometres, on your own or with others, on the route of your choice and carry the baton
(medical certificate not required for this race)

download form or buy online (service available soon)

  • price of km for individuals and associations : 100€
  • price of km for local councils and businesses : 200€

and because the Redadeg is first and foremost an opportunity to associate "Brezhoneg ha plijadur" (breton and pleasure)…

You can also :

  • Simply run, without paying anything, by following the baton carriers, to encourage and accompany them for one or more kilometres...or just a few hundred metres... It’s not a competition and the race is open to everyone., it’s a fun and easy way to show your support for Brittany to preserve it’s most original singularity: the Breton language.
  • Buy a T-shirt in the colours of the Redadeg 2016

Schools or associations, organise an event:

  • When the race passes, to take advantage of the event promotion and increase awareness of your year-round activity. You keep the entirety of the financial profit of your event (unless you decide to do otherwise!).
  • associate your class to the event, if the race passes too early or too late for the school hours in your area, you could organise, with help from the local teams, some mini-redadegs which would allow the children to participate and take full advantage of the event.
  • you could also, in your class, your school, teach the children this years’ song so that they are aware of the event and of it’s scale, and so they can sing the song if they’re going to run with their family.

Volunteer and help with the organisation

  • Compose songs, every year people send us songs and clips which we put online on our website and share on facebook and twitter.
  • take photos and films, together with the organisers you can join the procession and cover the photography of the participants. The photos will then be put online.
  • entertain the convoy, we need good speakers to entertain the procession, and where possible those with the local accent of the county being crossed (Leon, Tregor, Vannes, ...).
  • help with security, we need people in good physical condition to secure the safety of the convoy, on foot, on bikes, on motorbikes. Training will be carried out by our teams a few weeks/months before the race.

For all of the above please contact : Katelin on 06 71 23 36 42 or katelin@ar-redadeg.org

Finally you can :

  • Join the association Ar Redadeg a di da di (bulletin below to download and return to us after completion).