Brezhoneg ha Plijadur !

Brezhoneg ha Plijadur !

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Fun, music and sport at place Viarme

Saturday 24 May 2014

The Redadeg will cross the town centre of Nantes between 20h25 and 21h36, it will go past the Conseil Général, the Mairie, the cathedral, the chateau, the elephant and Ti Keltiek.
Join the runners to celebrate the purple colours of this 4th edition.
Musiciens from the Cercle Breton of Nantes, Hentoù Breizh of Nantes, Pipe Band as well as the Bagad de Nantes will encourage you to run in rythm.
In parallel, a festival combining music and sport will start from 18h30 in place Viarme. Come and try out some Kung-Fu in Breton with Yezhoù ha Yec’hed, take part in a Bazh Yod competition organised by Hentoù Breizh, and discover gaelic football.

You can listen to Kan ha Diskan (Breton singing) with Tosser Tad ha Mab and Geoffroy/Roue, the Kentelioù an Noz choir, the musiciens from the Cercle Breton de Nantes, and rock in Breton with Gweltaz Adeux. The children from breton schools in Nantes (Diwan and Div Yezh), as well as the secondary school students from Diwan and Rutigliano will offer you dances, songs and even a musical creation.

Finally a "Triomphe des Sonneurs" (Triumph of musiciens) will assemble the Bagad de Nantes, Bombardes and Co., the Naoned Pipe Band District and the musiciens from the Cercle Breton of Nantes, all encouraging the worthy runners in the direction of Saint-Herblain.

The cherry on the cake: you can dance the Ridédeg invented for the Redadeg 2014.
Free entry. Food and drinks available.

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