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2014 Projects

In 2014 we were able to redistribute 125 000 €

Our theme of the year : Focus on adults learning Breton.
Each year more than 3300 adults attend long training courses or weekly lessons, daytime or evening, and that’s without counting the weekend or holiday workshops.
Reclaiming ownership of your language doesn’t just come by schooling your children in the Breton teaching streams. Of course, it’s great that the children are schooled in this way, good for them and good for future of the language.

But an extra step can be made, and it’s the adults who can do it: learning the language, our language, the one that we weren’t able to learn at school. It’s never too late.

By taking this step to learn Breton and to use it, they make it dynamic and lead by example. Reclaiming ownership of your language is to use it, everywhere possible, and of course at home, in your family and with the children.
It’s a long road, not always easy, but without the adults, like without the children, it’s just not possible.
And how wonderful, what a triumph it is when Breton comes alive again in a family, even just a little bit!

Our objectives

The Redadeg wishes, to promote the cooperation between the different stakeholders working for the Breton language as much as possible and create opportunities for them to meet.
We are therefore delighted to see that several projects selected are the result of a collaboration between associations and/or that of a federation.

Kamishibai project in Breton

kamishibai_an Oaled_2014

An Oaled : 12 270 €
Kamishibai (紙芝居, «Paper theatre») is a Japanese way of telling a story, a small theatre where the spectators watch the images of the story that is being told to them. A great collaboration for a totally new creation destined for schools and holiday camps.

Grammar Chalm in Breton

An Alarc’h : 4 660 €
A grammar book totally in Breton from start to finish that meets today’s needs of students, learners and Breton speakers of all levels.

#Brezhoneg: pedagogical magazine - multimedia

Skol an Emsav : 5 600 €

Skola an Emsav_2014

A fun and pedagogical magazine for those learning the language, but also high school and higher education students.
More info : Skol an Emsav

Literary creation and radio

Blaz Produktion : 9 330 €
Creation of quality radio programmes where Breton literature is broadcast and promotion of literary creation for the radio.

Create fun pedagogical material to develop the use of Breton

APLUD / 8910 €
Card games, dice, speaking or movement games to enable, develop and enlarge the use of the Breton language to all occasions: family life, between friends, in class, in training or in any place we wish to go in Breton.

Some books in Breton, please !

Div Yezh Rennes : 7 740 €
A collaboration between the "3 Di" schools (Diwan, Div Yezh and Dilun) to select and edit new childrens book and gift them to some 1000 children in Breton speaking classes all around Brittany.

DAO Deskiñ d’an Oadourien: Teaching Adults

DAO : 13 990 €
A digital pedagogical pack designed for teaching adultst
A very diversified tool box on which teachers can rely when preparing their lessons. Adapted pedagogical material for writing, speaking, listening and reading at all levels.
More info :http://www.dao-bzh.org