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2018 Projects

Numerous projects were sent to us again this year.
8 of them were selected with the valued opinion of our Elders Council, projects that promote the wealth and the diversity of the Breton language around the year’s theme:

brezhoneg liesliv - all the colours of Breton

So in 2018 we’re running for :

C’hwi a gano - You will sing
a web series - by the CPTMKK association - 10 000 euros
Objectives : to promote co-working by proposing to create a collaborative project, to live in Breton, to create a fictional series for teens in Breton and to facilitate access to the audiovisual world.
Link to the first season :

Equality for all -
Self-Defence workshop and trainig - by Quimper Egalité/Gast - 6 000 euros
Objective : to create self-defence workshops and training courses to fight against the inequalities between men and women, make the link between the feminist cause and the Breton language, unveil what is taboo, put forward the minority groups.

Breton down the less traveled path -
A particular type of Breton training - association An Hentoù Treuz - 7 000 euros
Objective : a new tool to supplement the teaching materials that already exist in Breton, to discover and learn the specifics of different Breton dialects via contact with native Brittophones, manage to be understood, to talk and to accentuate the oral transmission.

KANevedenn -
A multicoloured show for the little ones - by ADDES - 6 000 euros
Objective : discover the colours and the emotions in Breton through play (with fun instruments, music, touch...), for all children, brittophones and those who don’t speak Breton in order to learn and have fun together.

10th anniversary of Taol-Lañs-
Open mic and online album - by Mignoned ar Brezhoneg - 3 000 euros
Objective : Highlight modern music in Breton, promote the co-working between several associations, widen the domains of use of the Breton language, highlight a new medium for recording, listening and using the language daily (album downloadable online).

BEV – BrEton by Video -
Open online classes by DAO - 5 000 euros
Objective : Make a learning tool available to the largest number of users possible, whatever their level, unite quality audiovisual resources, organise these resources, offer a free pedagogical tool based on the current model of MOOC (Massive On Line Open Courses).

Radio Kerne in Nantes -
A radio station 100 % in Breton in Nantes by Radio Kerne - 15 000 euros
Objective : an RNT project (Radio Numérique Terrestre - Digital Radio), pick up a radio frequency in Nantes to broadcast Radio Kerne’s programme content at first, then create a new radio station in Nantes with a studio, journalists, DJ’s on the ground to take part in Nantes life in Breton.

Weekly Holiday Camp -
Holiday camp in Breton - by Kreizenn Sevenadurel Vrezhon - 10 000 euros
Objective : open a holiday camp in Breton every Wednesday from September 2018, bringing the Breton culture and language to the forefront in the Guingamp area, evaluate the need for social activities in Breton outside of school, offer a place for children to meet and get to know each other.

A social network for Brittophones by Roued - 10 000 euros
Objective : A tool to allow Brittophones to live in their language.
Live in Breton: offer activities between Brittophones.
Children and Breton : allow the language to take root in homes by allowing Brittophone families to meet each other.
B&B : host or be hosted in a Brittophone home for a short or long stay,
Yellow pages in Breton...