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2020 Projects

Numerous projects were sent to us again this year.
8 of them were selected with the valued opinion of our Elders Council (one already chosen in 2018 obtains the 2nd part of it’s funding in 2020): projects that promote the wealth and the diversity of the Breton language around the year’s theme: Deus ’ta mignon!

Therefore for the 2020 edition, run in 2021 due to the pandemic, we ran to redistribute €130 000 of which €65 000 went to projects such as:

Radio Kerne – A Radio station 100% in breton in Nantes - €15 000 (second part)
This is about a long-term strategic objective: to have a radio network that transmits programs in Breton everywhere in Brittany with diversified content and being close to the ground. It’s a risk having a media all in Breton in Nantes, but it’s responding to local demand and the project is moving forward. The second part of the financial support will allow Radio Naoned to find stability.

RAOK - Breton and Communication in Kreiz-Breizh - €4 000
Create a "kit in Breton" to raise awareness in different communities, whether it’s at a cultural, sports event or in the tourist industry (tourist spot, hotel, restaurant, ...). Invite the public to speak Breton there and start the conversation in Breton and/or about the Breton language. The project will be proposed in Central Brittany to start with and then the concept could be extended to other areas.

BANNOÙ-HEOL - Ar Marc’h Dall : The Blind Horse - €10 000
Revive the 1979 show "The Blind Horse" in a new configuration, with a symphonic orchestra, a choir, soloists and local instruments. A way to know a bit more about our music and our history. This text is a language treasure and could be studied in class in primary or secondary schools, in adult training courses or even at home.

Radio Kreiz Breizh - Gerioù ar vuhez : Words from life - €10 000
Herri an Aod collected treasures of the Breton language in close to 600 programmes "words from life". A corpus of thousands of words and expressions that will be put online in a fun and educational manner in order to allow everyone to have access. An important tool to feed everyone’s knowledge: from beginners to advanced Breton speakers.

Herborescence - From plant to plant - €3 000
Collecting the diversity of plant names and their uses in Breton. Raising the public’s awareness of the study of plants, their names, their qualities, their uses, transmitting this vegetal knowledge that has been accumulated over generations and doing so in Breton, either in person or via the internet.

Mignoned ar Brezhoneg - Stal.bzh, from website to network - €10 000
Support to create the tools needed to invigorate the business networks and to develop Breton in shops. The website is already operational. The next logical step is to help the development of an app, tools and a working group to allow a better presence of Breton in the economic world.

Ti ar vro Landerne - Put some Breton in your holidays - €3 000
In a wider project, the support would be for the opening of a holiday camp in Breton for children from 4 to 12 years old. It would be the first in the Finistère. Ti ar Vro Landerne works in 22 communes where more than 700 children and teens are schooled in Breton. We hope, with this support, to see the holiday camp open also on Wednesdays in the future.

Morzhol Prod - Films- €5 000
A young and dynamic team that makes audiovisual creations in Breton. A springboard to help make videos and films of quality.

Diwan schools network - €65 000
Each year half of the redistributed sums go to the Diwan schools network.
Discover why Diwan for every Redadeg ?

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