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2022 Projects

Several projects have been submitted to us again this year. 12 of them have been selected with the helpful support of the Elders Council. Projects promoting the depth and diversity of the Breton language around this year’s theme: Breizh a-bep reizh

Therefore for the 2022 edition we are running to redistribute €155 000 of which €77 500 is going to projects such as:

Arvorig FM – Purchase of a mobile studio - €7 000
logo arvorig fm Supporting the radio organisation by purchasing materiel adapted to the working on the ground, closer to the population in order to create more innovative content.

logo Difenn Difenn - Aerlin, bilingual vocabulary, feminist and LGBTQIA+ €6 500
Creation of a repertoire of bilingual vocabulary on the feminist and LGBTQIA+ theme available online in a digital version and also edited in book form.

logo dispak
Dispak – Professionalising journalism in Breton - €12 000
Dispak is an online media, free and 100% in Breton. We created the website after having noticed a lack of monolingual articles and other content in Breton online. We will propose weekly articles and other content on our site paying the article’s authors for their work.

logo guisseny paddle Guisseny Paddle – Sport in Breton - €2 000
Offering sport activities such as Paddle boarding in Breton for teenagers.

Heklev – Heklev Podcast - 11 000 €
Providing fictional podcasts online accessible to all.

logo Lors JeregLors Jereg ProduiñLors Jereg Youtube Channel- €2 500
Helping create new content in Breton on Lors Jereg’s Youtube channel.

logo-ti-ar-vro-gwengampTi ar vro Gwengamp - Activities 11-16 yr olds – €12 000
Sport activities, radio, etc... for teens from Guingamp to Paimpol.

logo ti ar vro bro leonTi ar vro Leon - Outdoors with the little ones: Language and nature explorers in the Leon area – €1 500
Outdoor activities for toddlers in the Leonard area. Pre-school leisure activities.

ti douar alreTi Douar Alre – Kids workshops - €4 500
Series of workshops and activities in Breton for children from 4yrs old. (Creative workshops, radio workshops...)

Toumpi – Games in breton - €10 000
Creation of two educational games in Breton for children. Toumpi, is the creator of games in Breton through noise and laughter!

Bemdez – Youtube Channel Seizh Kalon - €6 000
Creation of new games in Breton for all, in order to fuel language practice and feed the Youtube channel Seizh Kalon.

logo cac sud 22Cac Sud 22 - The little theatre - Le P’tit téyâtr – €2 500
First show in Gallo combining the Gallese language, puppets and music for children.