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Message from the Redadeg in 2018

The baton which is passed from person to person is the symbol of the Breton language that has been passed on from generation to generation. It carries a message whose author and content are kept secret until the finish line where they are revealed to the public.

Here revealed below is the message that had been slipped inside the baton and which traveled the 1819km of the 2018 Redadeg from Quimper to Plouguerneau. A very beautiful message from the theme of the year "the colours of Breton", profound and emotional.

Download the text : THE SMOOTH TASTE OF BRETON

The message from the 2018 Redadeg, written by Yann-Fañch Kemener, and read by himself as well as by 5 other people, each with a different Breton dialect from their own distinct area, reminding us of the year’s theme "Brezhoneg liesliv" (the colours of Breton) in order to promote the diversity and the richness of the Breton language.