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Messages inside the baton

The baton passing from hand to hand symbolises the transmission of the Breton language from generation to generation. The message it carries and the author of the message are kept secret until the finishing line where they are finally revealed to the public.

Previous editions :

2012 : Breton message written by Mich Beyer read by Klet Beyer and Tangi Merrien in Douarnenez and its French translation

Klet Beyer ha Tangi Merrien_Redadeg2012_Douarnenez

2010 : Breton message written and read by Goulc’han Kervella in Pontivy and its French translation

Goulc’han Kervella_Pondi_Redadeg2010

2008 : Breton message written by Nolvenn Korbell read by Yann-Herle Gourves in Carhaix and its French translation
"Hir", song created at the time also by Nolwenn Korbell