20 >> 28 of May / Vitré >> Vannes

Double dose of Fest-noz in Logonna-Daoulas

The festivities will take place in Logonna-Daoulas in the "lieu-dit" Goasven
Aside from the Redadeg passing, it’s also the 1st Anniverary of the Goasven producers farm shop which will be celebrated.

  • From 6pm: cooking classes, traditional games and Laouig stories in Breton
  • Film projection of Akiltour 2013
  • Meal with produce from the shop, evel just! and the cakes made in the class.
  • 9pm: Fest Noz with Cali and Lina, Le Goff/Gouez, Danigo/ Beauchamp, Meascan, the singers from Bugale Amañ, les Arriérés, Va Zik Bihan

Entrance fee: give what you can.