17 >> 25 of May 2024 / Pointe du Raz >>> Morlaix

Official song 2024

Thanks to Kaolila and El Maout for this official song! REDEK A RAN ! I run !
Plijadur d’an holl !

Song : Kaolila
Lyrics : Gege Gwenn
Machine and vocals : Manu el Maout
Vocals : Arzela Abiven and Marion Gwen
Bass guitar and vocals: Faustine Audebert
Violin: Nicola Hayes
Guitar: Doniphan La Porte
Recording and mix: Antonin Volson
Editing: Tanguy Alanou
Redadeg 2022 images: Kenan an Abask, Yann-Ildut Galliou
Graphic elements: Krank Du

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