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All the songs from the Redadeg

In addition to the official songs you can also listen and listen again to some original creations and the hits of previous years!

Redek a ran : Official song 2024

Official song 2022

Dait da redek : Official song 2020-21

Betek an trec’h : Official song 2018

Huch ’taedeg : official song 2016

An Alambadeg : Official song 2014
Lyrics & Music : Alambig Electrik

an Alambadeg, song 2014
an Alambadeg, song 2014
Paroles Alambadeg

Clip directed by Seveniñ

Other songs for the 2014 Redadeg

“Happy / Laouen” by the Rennes Redadeg team - 2014
Lyrics translated and arranged by Laurence Guillo, Katell Chantreau and Jean-René Le Moullec.
Recorded in the Légitime Folie company studios with Andréa-Aziliz Mevel, Suzon, Anna Burlot, Lera Smith, Jean-René, Aude, Lukian ha Konan Le Moullec, Adèle Naegele, Laurence Guillo, and with technical assistance from Vincent Burlot and Iwen Casteret.

Enrolladenn Laouen
Enrolladenn Laouen

Lipdub filmed in Place de la Mairie, Rennes, Saturday 24th May 2014. Thanks to everyone who took part!

Iwen Casteret

Team Loic’s song - 2014

Created by a Redadeg team just for their pleasure...and ours! ;-)

sonenn_skipailh Loic
sonenn_skipailh Loic

Creation by school kids from Diwan Plésidy - 2014

Chanson collège de Plesidy
Chanson collège de Plesidy
Paroles chanson Plésidy

SILWINK band - 2014

Silwink, a young group of talented people with a future
Trombone : Marin In
Percussion : Loeiz Ar Bras
Flute : Fulub Gourves
Guitar : Louri Bon
Vocals : Kadvael Jolived-Leforestier
Bass Guitar : Gireg Moutoun
Djembe : Guildwen Capdeville


Paroles "ar Redadeg" SILWINK

Songs from 2012 or earlier


"Foeter Breizh" by Dom Duff : Official song 2012

Foeter Breizh, sklaer a-dreuz
Hast afo !
Foeter Breizh, plant ar reuz
War-sav !
Che Ye Ye Ye Ye Ye .......... Che Ye Ye Ye !!!

Foeter Breizh

Download the song

Foeter Breizh (muzik hepken)

Download the music


"Redadeg, savit ho taouarn" by David ar Gall and secondary school students from Diwan Gwened

Redadeg, savit ho taouarn !
Redadeg da Zouarnenez.
Redadeg, komzit brezhoneg !
Redadeg, vit ho plijadur.

Redadeg, Savit ho taouarn !

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"Deom gand ar Redadeg !" by TG Brass Band

A song written by a band of talented young people, and with a fun video that will take you from the streets of Leon to the Place de la Concorde in Paris.

Deom gand ar Redadeg

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Redek war don an Inkane gwenn

Run to the tune of the plin danse? Run and danse, danse and run, let’s go! Song sung by Aodren and Tangi.

Redek war don an Inkane gwenn

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Redek war don an Inkane gwenn (muzik)

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"Redadeg Dz" by Gwenole Larvol

The bilingual pupils of Douarnenez stood on ceremony to welcome the runners, when the Redadeg reached it’s end...Did you sing with them?

Redadeg Dz

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And the Riantec team made a great video..

"PlijaBrezh" by Diwan An Alre

The kids from the Diwan school in Auray chose to sing the song that they wrote for the Redadeg to a traditional Vannetais tune.


Download the song

"Yezh ma c’halon" by Youenn Guillanton

Un peu de poésie dans ce monde de coureurs. Ca fait pas de mal !

Yezh ma c’halon

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"Daou Don Doub ar Menezioù" : tune of the big Gavotte in the streets of Douarnenez

Did you know that a giant Gavotte (breton dance) led the festival-goers from Rosmeur port to the Place de Béziers on Saturday 19th May in honor of the Redadeg arrival? All musiciens were invited to take part: they practiced a little bit beforehand with this Music score.

Music score

Official Redadeg Song 2010

Loran / Ramoneurs de Menhirs_Pondi/Pontivy 2010

Redadeg 2010
Redek evit ar brezhoneg...

Do you remember? Surely you’ve found yourself humming it or singing it at the top of your voice since 2010!

Composed by David ar Gall and his students from the Diwan Vannes secondary school,the song has been covered, electrified and punkified by Les Ramoneurs de Menhirs. And that’s how it became a hit!

Redadeg 2010

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The songs from the Redadeg in 2008

  • Official Song , composed by Gweltaz Adeux from the rock band EV and sung by the pupils from Diwan Rennes.
    Kanaouenn ofisiel 2008

    Download the song

  • "Ret eo redek" , composed by David ar Gall and sung by the year 7 class (UK equivalent) from the Diwan secondary school in Vannes. On a side note, it’s with this song that they won the first prize at the Kan ar Bobl 2008 in Pontivy.
    Ret eo redek

    Download the song

  • "Redek a rin" , composed and sung by Mark Kerrain.
    Redek a rin

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  • "Hir" , composed by Nolwenn Korbell from the message that she wrote and that, tucked warmly away in the baton, traveled from person to person across the whole of Brittany during the first edition of the Redadeg (600 km in 2008).