17 >> 25 of May 2024 / Pointe du Raz >>> Morlaix

Clips and Videos

Here is the clip of the 2022 course: energy, joy and fun!
See you in 2024: from May 17 to 25
Pointe du Raz - Morlaix

Clip for the Official Redadeg 2022 Song. Thanks to all those who took part !

Download the lyrics to learn the song

Here’s the clip from the 2021 Redadeg. Thanks for having been so many on the roads of Brittany

Ar Redadeg Deus ’ta Mignon Clip 2021
Breton language and Sign language together for the Redadeg, 21st to 29th May 2021.

How can you take part in the Redadeg ? It’s all explained in the video (Breton/French)!
Video directed by Trigone Production - Thanks to Diwan an Alre

Here’s the official song from the 2020 Redadeg !
Thanks to the band LIES !
Deus’ta mignon !

Prepare the 2020 edition of the Redadeg !

The Redadeg seen by children in the Basque Country

Relive the best moments of the 2018 Redadeg

Video directed by Trigone Productions

Promotional clip for the 2018 Redadeg #1 directed by Seveniñ
Presentation of the Redadeg by some of our well known contemporaries !

Promotional clip for the 2018 Redadeg #2 directed by Seveniñ

Clips from the 2018 Redadeg Prologue directed by Trigone Production


Here’s the official song from the 2018 Redadeg !
Thanks to all the Breton participants but also those from Colombia, Wales, Basque Country or the big cities of Paris and Grenada!

Learn the lyrics and sing Betek an Trec’h during the Redadeg, from 4th to 12th May : click here

A big thanks to our partners :

Lyrics : Marine Lavigne
Melodie : Brendan De Roeck
Voices : Marine Lavigne, Sterenn Le Guillou, Aude Moalic
Music : Brendan De Roeck ,Gildas Claquin, Tristan Gonidec, Gabriel Lavenant, Eric Parenty; JX Baumier , Pierre Boccou, Claude Coulloc’h, Erwan Kerisit, Tangi Le Boulanger, Guillaume Le Guern
Arrangements : Guillaume Le Guern, Eric Parenty
Mixing : Charlie Robial
Directing : Thierry Salvert and Julien Cadilhac
Coordination : Kenan an Habask

2018 Redadeg song in Sign Language !

Signing : Djenebou Bathily, Géraldine Le Cocq, Julie Lec’hvien, Maelc’hen Laviec
Production : Tanguy Alanou assisted by Maelc’hen Laviec and Tony Foricheur
Coordination: Laëtitia Morvan
Thanks : Galane, Lizenn, Elijah, Anne-Marie Menez, famille Le Gouguec-Arnaud, groupe de travail ar Redadeg en LSF avec le Collectif Des Sourds du Finistère (Patrick Le Coz, Laëtitia Morvan, Maelc’hen Laviec)

The Redadeg on TV


The first clip directed by Seveniñ : The present !

The second clip directed by Seveniñ : Let’s Run!

The web-series Evel Ki ha Kazh on the theme of the Redadeg

The Redadeg explained in (French) sign language (LSF) :

The Redadeg and the employees of CMB/Arkéa : until the end!


For your pleasure and for the memories, here are the videos from the 2016 edition

The official song clip 2016

The presentation of the 2016 Redadeg by Seveniñ

The presentation of the 2016 Redadeg in French sign language (LSF) by Seveniñ

Redadeg faltazi 2016 – Fiñv da yezh bremañ ! Breizh storming e emvod meur ar Redadeg... Our meetings are fun. Get started !

More videos : click here !