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Redadeg Route 2018

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hentad 2018

In 2018: the 6th edition of the Redadeg will celebrate the 10 years of the race - 1800 km everywhere in Brittany

from Quimper, Friday, May 4...

Ti ar vro Kemper and the town of Quimper will be at the head of the festivities of at the race ’s start. Ti ar Vro Kemper promotes the Breton culture alongside the associations. The association was created in 1996 on the initiative of the city of Quimper and the Quimper’s cultural associations. Today, it brings together some thirty associations from the worlds of music, dance, Breton language and Breton culture in general.

Program of festivities at the race ’s start :

Breton course aboard the Corentin ship
Transmission of the relay race to Etel
Sea trip and ascent of the Odet
Parade of kayaks and yoles
Activities for children
Association village
Cyber-concert • Fest-noz
Race Symposium for Regional Languages
Km surprise for the Redadeg’s birthday

... to Plouguerneau, Saturday May, 12

It is the city of Plouguerneau that will organize and host the arrival of the race, driven by the municipality with the support of schools, associations, craftsmen and storekeepers. The municipaliyt has been organizing events for the promotion of the Breton language for several years now : exhibition "Breton language and business" produced by Produit en Bretagne, introduction to Breton in all classes of public schools, collection of books in Breton at the library, registration of the reception in Breton and early bilingualism in the educational project of the multi-home, cultural program integrating bilingualism ... A municipality resolutely turned towards the development of Breton at the heart of the festivities that are preparing , even more than usual
Program of festivities at the race ’s end :

Bowling Games
Celtic Strength Games
Bagad Sonerion Penn ar Bed
Dañs Round Pagan
Kreiz Breizh Akademi Concert and Fest-Noz
Association village
Km surprise for the Redadeg’s birthday