17 >> 25 of May 2024 / Pointe du Raz >>> Morlaix

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Sales of Redadeg 2024 kilometers have been open since Saturday 28/10 at the Festival du Livre en Bretagne in Karaez. The launch took place in the presence of Alan Stivell.

The 2024 edition will set off from Pointe du Raz on Friday May 17 and arrive in Morlaix on Saturday May 25 after 2222 km on the roads of the 5 Breton départements.

A new feature of this year’s event will be the "random kilometers": it’s possible to buy one or more kilometers and leave it up to the organizers to position them according to needs as the race approaches. But, of course, you’ll still be able to choose "your" kilometer because of its number, or because it passes right in front of your house or in some other symbolic location. As has been the case for 15 years now, half of all profits will be redistributed to the Diwan network of schools, and the other half to projects chosen for their contribution to the development of the Breton language. With the 2024 edition, over a million euros will have been donated by the Redadeg thanks to runners and contributors.

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Kartenn Hentad 2024

If you don’t want to choose your km online, you can reserve it by downloading the order form below. Don’t hesitate to specify the location you want, our local team will reserve it for you.


After reserving your kilometre you can modify, correct or complete your personal details directly online.
Guide : managing your kilometres (in French)

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