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The official Redadeg anthem 2014

What will make us sing at the top of our voices on the roads of Brittany this year?

The song by Alambig Elektrik! and with some oomph!

live Fest noz YAOUANK 2013

Redadeg 2014 klip
by Ar Redadeg
an Alambadeg, song 2014

the song .mp3

We launched a call for projects and we received 7 propositions from professional or amateur artists.
It’s the song by Alambig Elektrik that was selected and will therefore be the official anthem for the Redadeg 2014. Brass sounds, a modern and lively rhythm, we reckon it’ll be the hit of the year!

Alambig Elektrik are :
Lors Landat : Singer / Roland Conq : Guitar / Pat Pereira : Trumpet, samples / Gael Runigo - Accordion /
The song was sung for the first time on stage at the big Fest Noz (night festival) Yaouank, on 23 November in Rennes.
Photos were taken for the promo video, that Seveniñ will produce for the Redadeg 2014 promo campaign. It was lively, so the video will be too, for sure!!

Alambig Electrik