17 >> 25 of May 2024 / Pointe du Raz >>> Morlaix

The association

The race was first established in May 2008 under the umbrella of Diwan30. This was the committee charged with organising the 30-year anniversary of the Diwan schools’ network in 2008.

Today, “Ar Redadeg a di da di” is an autonomous structure established in 2008 and organised according to the Charity law of 1901. Its registration number is W353006925.

The association relies heavily on volunteers, uniting people wishing to actively help with the overall event organisation.

Bazh test 2022

Day and night, night and day, the Redadeg winds its way through the streets of Brittany. This festive, popular and politically engaged race symbolises the transmission of a lively, creative and dynamic Breton language down through the generations.

In order to support projects that promote the Breton language, race kilometres are sold to the baton holders and the profits are then used to finance these schemes. These are new initiatives selected based on their application, they are very diverse and can relate to teaching, hobbies, media, sport or culture, but they all promote the use of Breton in social and family life.

The race goes through the 5 Breton departments over 2000 km and crosses more than 300 municipalities. The 9th edition of the Redadeg will take place from 17th to 25th May 2024 from la Pointe du Raz (29) to Morlaix (29). The starting and finishing towns were selected from numerous applicants after the call to tender.

The Redadeg embodies the principal of “Brezhoneg ha plijadur”! “Breton with pleasure”! With the exception of the baton holders, the race is free, accessible and open to all. You can run with your family, friends or colleagues, in disguise, to music, follow the race on foot, or on roller blades, in pushchairs or on bikes. Why not organise some entertainment or take advantage of the local festivities, concerts, theatre, stands, or breakfasts that have been planned to coincide with the race passing by.

The most important thing is to take part, to be seen, to have fun and it’s also a great opportunity to hear Breton, speak Breton and to make Breton be heard!

The baton, a symbol of the Breton language, carries a secret message, it is passed from hand to hand and is read out loud at the finishing line.

The Redadeg is an all-round event, accessible to everyone, with a spirit of solidarity, sportsmanship, culture and festivity. Yes! All that at once, and as well as being very media-friendly it has a positive impact on the local economy and culture.