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And elsewhere?

Basque, Irish, Welsh, Catalan, Galician ... They also run to defend their languages!

The Korrika for the Basque language

Korrika We consider The Redadeg to be the little sister of the Korrika, and it is thanks to the support of this race’s organisers that the first Breton Redadeg was born. The Korrika has taken place in the Basque country (French and Spanish) for more than 30 years, hundreds of thousands of people participate every year to defend their language.
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The Rith for the Irish language

Rith The Rith in Ireland was born following the example of the Korrika ... and the Redadeg. The Irish also run for their language every two years, it takes place a few months before the Redadeg. Started in 2010, the race takes place during Irish Language Week around St. Patrick’s Day.

The Ras for the Welsh language

Ras yr Iaith
Created in 2014, the Ras offers 3 days of racing in the month of July to promote the language, its transmission and support the local associations that work towards this mission.
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and also ...

The Correllengua for the Catalan language

Correllengua An annual cultural awareness race to defend and promote the Catalan language. It was first introduced in 1996 in all Catalan-speaking regions.
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The Correlingua for the Galician language

Correlingua A race to encourage young people and educational centers to participate and claim the use of the Galician language. One day of racing a year, since 2005.
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