17 >> 25 of May 2024 / Pointe du Raz >>> Morlaix

What is the Redadeg ?

That’s the spirit!

km406 The Redadeg is a popular and festive relay race, non-competitive and open to all.
Families, young and old, children, parents and grandparents all run together. The idea is to carry the message written in Breton across Brittany, without stopping and the only winner is the Breton language.
Thousands of people across the 5 Breton departments participate in the event with an enthusiasm that’s very catching.

Each race kilometre is sold to individual people, organisations, businesses and associations...i.e., any private individual or corporate body wishing to contribute to the event and give their support to the Breton language. The profits are then redistributed among selected projects which promote the use of Breton in everyday social and family life.

The event’s initial success has continued to grow over time, generating a steady increase of the race distance and the funds raised.


Recap of previous Redadeg events:

• 2008 > Nantes/Carhaix: 600 km > €50 000
• 2010 > Rennes/Pontivy: 1200 km > €93,000
• 2012 > Brest/Douarnenez: 1500 km > €121,000
• 2014 > Morlaix/Glomel: 1500 km > €125,000
• 2016 > Saint-Herblain/Lokoal-Mendon: 1700 km > €124,000
• 2018 > Quimper/Plouguerneau: 1800 km > €134,000
• 2020/1 > Carhaix/Guingamp: 2021 km > 125,000€ (Due to Covid)
• 2022 > Vitré/Vannes: 2022 km > €155,000
• 2024 > Pointe du Raz/Morlaix from 17th to 25th May 2024

How it works

km973 Each baton carrier, sporting a t-shirt with his/her kilometre number on it, passes the baton to the runner waiting at the next kilometre marker. They then run their kilometre carrying the baton, which contains a message in Breton, and pass it on. This message and its author are kept secret until the finish line. The celebrations are kicked off only once the message is read on stage in front of the public.

Other than purchasing kilometres, which gives you the right to carry the baton, taking part is completely open and free. Anyone can follow the baton carrier along the race, accompanying them, cheering them on, and most importantly showing their support for the Breton language.


Award-winning from the start

The first Redadeg immediately generated a large interest from the public and won two awards in 2008:

  • Breton speaker of the year award organised by France 3 Bretagne
  • Future of Breton Award discerned by the Conseil régional (county council) for its exemplary, innovative and useful action in favour of the language.

A great diversity of contributors

Contributions to collected funds in 2020
Businesses 11 % (Small and medium businesses, artisans, independents, …)
Associations 24 % (Culture, sport, media, education, ...)
Individuals 33 % (Parents, grandparents, children)
Communities 28 % (Town councils, county councils, regional authorities, ...)
Institutions 4 % (Political parties, unions, work committees,...)

Based on the Basque Korrika model

The Redadeg was inspired by the Basque Korrika relay race which has existed since 1980 and now rallies hundreds of thousands of participants to cover over more than 2000 kilometres across the North and South Basque country, during 10 days.

Since 2007, a Breton delegation has taken part in each edition. In 2019, more than 50 people made the trip to carry the baton on the Basque roads and demonstrate Breton support for the Basque language, Euskara.
It’s also an opportunity for our organisers to find new ideas for the Redadeg and to take inspiration from the 30 (successful) years of Basque experience!