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Subject of the year 2018

In 2018, the Redadeg proposes an important subject to develop for the future of the language:
Brezhoneg liesliv - Breton language’s colors
To highlight the wealth of Breton dialects in the country.

« It’s not the same Breton language, how lucky we are ! »

We are certainly lucky to speak a language so different on one side or the other of our country. Nothing seems more beautiful than hearing people here say that we do not speak everywhere the same Breton : we can hear pronounced "brezh’neg", "brezhouneg" or "brehoneg" and everything is perfectly understandable.

Our language, our wealth. An element of our own, just like our culture. One can not go without the other, in no way. It is always a great pleasure for us to hear people speaking in a Breton different from ours. Especially because we live in a globalized world where people are urged to think the same way and to drink the same black and sweet drink that we are in Paris, San Francisco or Lima. But Breton, or Bretons, have their own music. And the question is not whether to use French words in the sentence but rather to preserve the spirit, the syntax and the prosody proper to the Breton language.

Because beyond words and sentences it’s a way of apprehending the world.
Today we find all too often the influence of French in the construction of sentences and it seems to us that if we continue in this direction we will really lose this singularity of our language that makes us see and understand the world differently.

Let’s try our best to make people to continue thinking and speaking in Breton. It is up to us to imagine other ways to make the link between these Breton (or Breton) and those who become it. The same goes for the bridges to be created between the current Breton and the one transmitted to us by the older ones.