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Theme of the Year - Redadeg 2020

Theme of the year : Bring a friend !


"Fromus", "un nozvezh digredus", "c’hoant ’m eus da zeskiñ brezhoneg", "startijenn"...
Pegen plijus eo santout ar birvilh a zo gant ar rederien, ha mizvezhioù war-lerc’h zoken !
Muioc’h a dud o tañva levenez ar Redadeg,
Setu ’pezh a fell deomp e 2021.
Neuze, te ha ’teus kemeret perzh er Redadegoù paseet,
Tap krog ba dorn ur mignon ha n’en deus ket graet gwech ebet.
Gwel’ a ri, ne vo ket dipitet !
10 000 reder e 2018 : 20 000 e 2021 a-drugarez dit ?

A lot of people don’t feel directly affected by Breton.
We, the volonteers motivated by the bubbling and joyous energy of past Redadegs, are maybe the best positioned to reach out to them, reach out to you!
Nobody has ever been disappointed by taking part: "we can feel everyone’s energy", "it’s emotional to run together, the young and the less young", "running at night to the rhythm of the Breton music, what a delight!", "after the Redadeg I decided to learn Breton"...that’s what we hear at the end of each Redadeg edition!

The Redadeg is an event that gives a positive and benevolent regard on the Breton language and those who promote it, going as far as making people want to learn the language!
The Redadeg is a little bit magic, isn’t it?

In 2021, your mission, if you accept it: take a friend’s hand, someone who has never taken part in the Redadeg and come run with them!

The more people there are on the roads of Brittany, the bigger the pleasure will be.

10 000 runners in 2018 so...20 000 in 2021 thanks to you?