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Theme of the year - Redadeg 2022

"Breizh a-bep reizh"

Tudennoù breizh a-bep reizh

What does the Redadeg mean by this slogan in 2022?

In Brittany, like elsewhere, inequalities of all types persist between minority groups, age groups or sexes, and are tied to social determinations. The ideas and behaviours of each person can change depending on the influence, the social pressure or even the standards that society applies to itself. The meaning of the word "reizh" is very wide in Breton, as diverse and rich as each one of us here on earth.
Gender, logic, orderly, wise, sex, polite, rule, right, fair...are all hidden meanings of the word "REIZH".
"Breizh a-bep reizh" can therefore have several meanings, and you might already have your own opinion on the matter:
Equality between men and women, a tolerant attitude under all circumstances, being at one with one’s identity, one’s gender, respecting the diversity of gender identities, doing things fairly, knowing how to live together, etc...
There are so many stars in the sky that we would have trouble counting them all. It’s the same when we think about the multiple types of people that make up our society, that make up Brittany.
In 2022, the Redadeg wishes to raise awareness of the notion of equality and the ability to live together in society, as well as demonstrating the linguistic, social and gender values brought about by highlighting our differences.

With you, our runners, our kilometre buyers and our Redadeg 2022 volunteers, we want to bring those that don’t have a voice to the forefront, put those that we don’t see enough of in the spotlight, and follow those who will breathe new inspiration into our society.
In particular, all those people who work to promote the Breton language everyday, sometimes discreetly, but with a daily committment which enriches our lives and facilitates the transmission of the language from generation to generation.