17 >> 25 of May 2024 / Pointe du Raz >>> Morlaix

Theme of the year - Redadeg 2024

Treuzkas ! / Pass it on!

Through the relationship our ancestors had with the Breton language, we have inherited wounds, still open and scarred by a machine made to squash and standardise cultures.

The time to heal those wounds is now!

Let’s pass on this language through our interactions, our emotions and our encounters with each other. Through the media, through knowledge, teaching, education and with humour.

Let’s create ties between us and put some life into the language. Let’s revive this language, to be carried by every one of us, coloured by past generations, but also by those who will follow in our footsteps.

Let’s take part in this drive to keep our language alive, let’s share, spread and broadcast it, to give others a way of experiencing the world coloured by a country and its history, its environment and its people. Let’s pass it on through our determination, our spirit, joy and emotions... With pleasure.

Let’s remain united between different generations, together with the same goal, with the same fight: to pass it on and make a living language run through the streets!
The baton is the symbol of transmission in the Redadeg; taking the baton means participating in the chain, being responsible in turn and giving impetus to the language and the values of the Redadeg. With the baton, we tie people together to create memories, work together and have fun.

Facilitating interactions with communities and minority languages is a very important way for us to feel strong. Just as the Redadeg was inspired by the Korrika, we are now collaborating with other relay races in Europe: Alsace, Bearn, Ireland and Wales. Teaching the ways to stand up and fight, teaching solidarity and volunteering, all of which creates a powerful force.

Passing down a battle is passing on life, the desire to live to the end, in Breton. Let’s continue on our way, let’s continue to spread the message further, to create stories, to interact with one another and to bring our heritage alive. Let’s do it with joy in our hearts and until we are victorious!

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