Brezhoneg ha Plijadur !

Brezhoneg ha Plijadur !

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Korrika, Rith, Rhas...

Thursday 16 January 2014

The Basques, the Irish, the Welsh, the Catalans, the Galicians... also run to defend their language!

The Korrika for the Basque language

The Redadeg is the Korrika’s little sister, and it’s thanks to the support from this races’ organisers that the first Redadeg was able to happen.

The Korrika has existed for more than 30 years, hundreds of thousands of people take part in it every year. We are big admirers! We hope to have as many people on our roads to defend our day soon??
Korrika : pictures and info

The Rith for the Irish language

The idea for the Rith in Ireland was based on the Korrika ..and the Redadeg. Since 2010, the Irish have also run for their language, every other year and a few months ahead of the Redadeg. In 2014 it’ll be from 7th to 15th March.
Rith : pictures and info

The Rhas for the Welsh language

Our cousins from Wales are also going to run to defend their language..the date has been delayed, it should take place in Spring 2014, this space!

Rhas : pictures and info

and there is also

The Correllengua for the Catalan language

The Correlingua for the Galician language